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Waterways canoe & kayak trips: Maine, the U.S. and beyond.

» Unsponsored.co.uk
UK kayaking - reviews, news venues and views!

» Sit-on-topKayaking.com
How-to articles, forums, consumer advice, shop and data base of all known sit-on-top-kayaks.

* KayakConnection.com
Kayak Connection offers sea kayaking rental and instruction in Santa Cruz and Moss Landing, sea kayaking tours of Elkhorn Slough, Monterey Bay and Tomales Bay, and worldwide sea kayaking expeditions to destinations like Fiji, Palau, and Chile.

» Southern Sea Ventures
Specialises in sea kayak holidays, offering a diverse range of polar and tropical sea kayaking adventures and expeditions.

» La Jolla Kayak Fishing
Fish from a kayak, go where the big fishing boats can't take you! World-class catches along some of the most beautiful coastline in the world.

» Kayak Sportfishing
Kayak fishing information and accessory resource also including guide services, photos, message board, forums, equipment, product reviews, tackle tips, rigged kayaks, recipes, kayak anglers, fish reports & more.

» Kayak Lake Mead
Desert kayaking and kayak fitness training.

» FoldingKayaks.org
An introduction to folding kayaks.

» FishingKayaks.net
Kayak fishing directory and information resource for freshwater and saltwater in Southern and Baja California. Find information on selecting, rigging, launching and fishing from kayaks.

* Bluepearl's Online Watersports Shop
Offering high quality fiberglass kayaks, canoes and equipment.

* JEM Watercraft
Specializing in easy to follow plan for the amateur boat builder.

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The complete fishing kayak outfitter, with articles, gear reviews and forum.

» SailingCanoe.com.au
Let Sailing Canoe Adventures tak you on a voyage of discovery, transcending time back to a world of canoes and legends, sacred rites and tribal warfare.

» Kayak-Adventures.com
Offers sea kayaking tours in British Columbia, around beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

» SeaPaddling.com
Exploring Ireland's coastline the safe and enjoyable way.

* KayakTrips.net
Woody's kayak trip reports.

» ClubKayak.com
Your online paddlesport community since 1999.

» Upngoadventures.com
Invites canoe enthusiasts to try paddling in a kayak - enjoy new ideas, specialized equipment and literature - enhance your wilderness and paddling experience.

» KayakPlace.com
Boats for big guys (and gals), essays, trip reports, places to go, gear and other stuff.

» Paddling.net
Your #1 source for information on canoeing and kayaking.

» BWKayak.com
Kayaking adventure trips in Baja California on the Sea of Cortez and whale whatching on Magdalena Bay. Explore Point Reyes on the protected waters of Tomales Bay near San Francisco.

» Olympic Raft & Kayak
Rafting and kayaking in and around Olympic national park and forest.

» SeaKayaking.co.nz
Abel Tasman National Park sea kayaking, New Zealand.

» NZKayak.co.nz
Outdoor Discoveries are Professional Providers of Corporate Team Building, Sea Kayak Tours and Courses, Caving and Abseiling Adventures in Auckland, New Zealand. We also organise trips to Alaska and Baja California.

» WeGoKayaking.com
Sea kayaking tours British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Canada.

» SealegsKayaking.com
Sealegs Kayaking Adventures welcomes you to come kayak with us Canadian style on your next family vacation.

» ColumbiaRiverKayaking.com
Sea kayaking on the lower Columbia River and beyond.

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The premiere kayaking center.

» QajaqUSA.org
Greenland Kayak Club Quaannat Kattuffiat.

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Thailand Seakayaking in Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi, Ko Samui, Khao Sok, South Thailand.

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Oregon guided whitewater rafting & kayaking trips.

» GoKayaking.org
The Junior Vikings.

» BoatingBeta.com
Asheville area boating beta page - Kayaking and Canoeing information.

* Hike Bike Kayak San Diego
San Diego kayaking tours, guided kayak trips to the La Jolla Sea Caves, whale watching by kayak, surfing lessons, San Diego biking tours, hiking tours and team building.

* GoKayaking.com
Premier Kayaking Community!

* The Kayaking Center
Kayaking resources including kayak equipment and reviews.

* Nessmuking.com
Light-weight canoe and kayak travel.

Latest kayaking articles

» Is kayaking expensive?
Before you start kayaking, this is one thing that you will probably be concerned with.

» How to maintain your kayak
Once you've found the perfect kayak for you, and you're ready to go kayaking, there's one other thing that you need to learn about first.

» Currents explained
Another thing that you need to watch out for if you're going kayaking are ocean currents.

» The HI-rescue
The HI-rescue is a useful rescue technique if you have two kayaks to help.

» The T-rescue
The T-Rescue is a two-person method of righting a capsized kayak.

» An introduction to eskimo rolling
If you're planning on going kayak touring, one of the most important things you can do is learn the techniques associated with eskimo rolling.

» The put-across roll
A good kayak roll to teach beginners is the put-across roll.

» Buying a used kayak
When buying a used kayak, you should be careful to make sure that it is not a damaged kayak.

» Signaling equipment
Signaling equipment will keep you safe if you are kayak touring.

» How to launch your kayak
Launching your kayak does not have to be difficult as long as you know what you’re doing.

» How to empty water out of the kayak
If you’re learning how to empty water out of the kayak, make sure you realize that there is more than one opportunity to do it.

» Kayak paddle blades
Different kayak paddle blades will have different effects on the control you have over your kayak.

» Emergency blanket
An emergency blanket is an important part of any safety kit.

» Hypothermia
Hypothermia is easily treatable, but can be very dangerous.

» Wooden kayaks
Save money and look into building your own wooden kayaks.

» Touring kayaks
Touring kayaks are sturdy enough to take on sea kayaking trips.

» Whitewater racing kayaks
Whitewater racing kayaks are very maneuverable and can be used to do tricks.

» Flatwater kayaks
Flatwater kayaking is easier and better to learn than any other type of kayaking.

» River kayaks
River kayaking can entertain both beginners and experts.